Spring cleaning for the soul

March 6th, 2012

What really is this thing called “Spring Cleaning”? Where did it originated from? I never heard of it while growing up. My mom always kept the house immaculate let me tell you when you were done using a glass you had better washed it, dry it and put it away. Was I missing something? Of course in those days we had no internet to look up the meaning. I came to know the meaning, many years later when I myself became a wife and later had children.

Of course I tried to be just like my mom, never using the living room because that was only for “special guest”, or only using what I call “occasional dishes: you know those pretty ones with that special gold rim that you only use when guest come over? Or for Special Occasions, but don’t use them for yourself…

It amazes me that after so many years when visiting my aunt she still has plastic on her couches so they won’t fade. She never sits down in her beautiful living room, unless of course there is a “Special Guest” when I asked her why, her statement to me was “They are antiques, only to be used when necessary”. My poor uncle died last year only to use those couches practically a couple of times. What does it take for you to realize that YOU are that “Special guest” that you can decide to either wash, or clean or sit wherever you wish, that no one is more special then “You”.

If our creator God that created all including “You” as perfect beings, what do you think makes you? We go through life wondering why this and why that, without realizing that we may need to clean out the clutter in our souls of all of the conditioning, all of the agreements that we made that creates disharmony in our life’s. So how does one clean out the clutter?

I invite you to look closely at what no longer works for you, I suggest making a list. On one side of the list write out what does work or serves you, on the other write out what does not work or serves you. A word of caution here, you may experience anxiety. It is ok to feel the anxiety. Remember that we have been condition to wash the plates immediately after use, or not sit in a living room or whatever it may be. I am not asking that you never clean your house or leave your dishes undone, or never sit in your living room, what I am trying to say here is that you are in the same court as creator God, that is ok to eat from those nice gold rim dishes any time you wish. It took me practically 32 years to finally say enough is enough, I am eating from my nice dishes and I am sitting in my nice living room.

 Elena C. Jones is the author of the 7 Simple Steps to Creating My Intentions that was published in 2011; she is a published writer, motivational speaker, Reiki master healer, spiritual life coach, Certified Access Consciousness Bar Practitioner, mentor, a teacher and a spiritual counselor. She is the founder of Alma Quest and Creating My Intentions Conference that was held on October 15, 2011. Elena is an internationally Renowned Psychic Medium, a clairaudience and clairvoyance.


Multidimensional Energy

July 1st, 2011
    What is Multidimensional?

    Multidimensional energy is the energy field which is said to exist between the physical world and an alternate dimension with a spiritual connection. Ways to connect to this energy field include meditation, which can lead to astral projection; hypnosis, which can lead to past life regression; and spirit guide channeling, which can reveal details about the other dimensions. Believers assert that understanding the sources of multidimensional energy allows the spirit contained within a person to travel to another plane not visible in the physical world.

    Elena is a multidimensional spirit reader; she delivers the messages given to her by what she calls “Spirit” to the individual that is before her. The messages may include special instructions to aid the individual on what may be transpiring in their life at the time of the reading. She delivers the message as she receives it.

    What is a medium?

    A MEDIUM has the ability to communicate with people you know in the afterlife. Its objective is to prove survival of the human personality after death and to help the bereaved come to terms with their loss. Mediumistic sittings are not for fortune telling but are sessions to provide evidence of survival. A mediumistic Reading is less concerned with predicting the future and life issues but has the primary purpose of proving to the sitter that there is life after death. A MEDIUM provides evidence of survival of the human personality beyond the physical state we call death. Elena is the link between the two worlds communicating with people who have died through mind-to-mind contact.

    What is a psychic?

    A Psychic is someone who has extrasensory abilities. These may include clairvoyance, telepathy, precognition and psycho kinesis. Psychic practitioners tend to give readings that are concerned with issues in a person’s life such as their romantic situation, career opportunities etc. Their reading may include predictions of the future. A psychic may use Tarot cards, coffee grounds, tea leafs, stones, bones and so forth.

    What are the differences between a Spirit Reader and a Psychic reader?

    A Spirit Reader such as Elena, does not use earth tools such as Tarot cards, coffee grounds, tea leafs, stones, bones and so forth. She connects directly to the energy field which is said to exist between the physical world and an alternate dimension.

    To set up an appointment please contact Elena C. Jones at 727-321-3366 or by email at: elena@almaquest.net

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