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Motivational Speaker Elena C Jones edgy, classy, inspirational, tell-it-like-it-is personality ignites the stage. Passion is her life.  Elena is NOT… an ordinary DIVA. As your speaker — She empowers individuals to live an extraordinary life by providing tools necessary to move from Fear to Acceptance, Joy and Healing. She knows that the ONLY stars of the show are YOUR AUDIENCE.

Elena is an expert in igniting passion. Without the ego. She never takes herself too seriously.  From the moment motivational speaker Elena C Jones walks on stage you know you’re in for an incredible experience.

Not your average motivational speaker – Elena motivates and inspires the audience. Elena is witty, hilarious. Laugh-out-loud funny.  Elena absolutely loves the audience. And they love her.

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Author of: 7 Simple Steps To Creating My Intentions

Creator of: 7 Saucy Steps To Success

Email     elena@almaquest.net

Web      www.almaquest.net

For More Information please contact Camille Charles – Publicist.

Office: 727-492-1699 • camille@chamillah.com

All of speaker Elena’s events are quoted based on specific projects and all factors involved.

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